Eclectic Records is a music label for cutting edge electronica. Based on the web and the social networks it is a hub for new and innovative artists. We cover many different genres among what is called EDM, but as you can imagine from our name we think we just need a wider vision about it. Our aim is to create a network of people and share the music culture we identify in, with all the influences it may have from other fields as fashion, art and design.

We mainly distribute our music digitally, occasionally we have releases on CD and vynil, but our main focus is to promote new artists to a bigger audience by making a creative use of all the new media available today.

We are a laboratory for new web marketing strategies and a platform for young new artists.
Our aim is to keep good music alive and find new territories and sounds to explore.

If you want to do something with us: info@eclectic-records.com

If you want to receive our promos weeks ahead the release date:
click on PROMO LIST on the top menù and fill the form.

See you soon.



Here we go! Our new record is out now on Beatport exclusive. Elle & Blake are back together with Prisma,... fb.me/2hJmumier