Eclectic Records is a new concept for a record label. Based on the web and the social network we try to push out all the news and artists we think are innovative and interesting. We like so many different things among electronic music that we cannot be pigeonholed in just one genre, also we’ve been around for so many years, producing so many records and launching so many artist, we think we need a wide vision about it. So we want to create a network of people and share the music culture we like with all the influences it may take from fashion, art and design. We are still producing our own music, distributed on all the music portals, but we also share all the informations, photos, videos, streaming links of the artist we like. Stay with us and feel free to ask for any type of collaboration.

We are a laboratory for new web marketing strategies and a platform for young new artists.
Our aim is to keep good music alive and find new territories and sounds to explore.

If you want to do something with us: ask at:info@eclectic-records.com

If you want to receive our promos weeks ahead the release date:click on PROMOS on the top menù and fill the form.

If you want some free music: just give us your email here at the right.

See you soon.


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