I’m in Trouble (feat. Carmen)

This song is quite different from the rest of the EP, something in between trap and bluegrass, but we love it so much, expecially the vocals from the Canadian vocalist Carmen. The video is an experiment with copyright free footage from Pexel, we took what we liked and tried to tell a new story with the images. Enjoy.

The Sound Universe

The Sound Universe is a project we are developing for a social network and/or videogame based on electronic music.

Users can play, create, edit and share mixed set they do and/or other users do using music tracks available in the system. It appears as a 3D animation of the universe and any different galaxy or solar system represent a different music genre.

Something in between Spotify, Soundcloud and Second Life.

If you’re interested in this project just write us an email and tell us how you could help.

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