The Sound Universe

The Sound Universe is a project we are developing for a social network and/or videogame based on electronic music.

Users can play, create, edit and share mixed set they do and/or other users do using music tracks available in the system. It appears as a 3D animation of the universe and any different galaxy or solar system represent a different music genre.

Something in between Spotify, Soundcloud and Second Life.

If you’re interested in this project just write us an email and tell us how you could help.

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Prisma EP Early Feedbacks

We are so happy the first feedbacks received about new upcoming release are so great! Have a look yourself below!
The record is on Beatport PRO right now!


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if you’re interested in listening and download the promo!!!

Alinka (Chicago) (Half of Twirl! with Shaun J. Wright.
Twirl Recordings, Classic Music Company, Defected, Tribal, Get Up Recordings, Vizual Records, Audiophile Deep, Atlas Chair, Zulos Club Records, NBD Music Co., Plus Plus Records
Favorite Mix: STOG Remix
Music sounds great!!!

Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo (London, UK)
Nervous, Southern Fried, Stealth, ChumboMundo, Skint, TWISTED
STOG Remix is SUPER COOL!!!!

Larry Tee (Brooklyn, NY)
Ultra / Carnage Music
STOG Remix is a total block rocking remix. Total support.

Dino Lenny (London, UK)
ELLUM, Fine Human Records
Thumbs up!

Sherwin Charles / Peter Lewis (Brooklyn, United States)
DJ Fresh / Brooklyn DJ Factory, Scene, Niketalk Magazine
Favorite Mix: STOG Remix
Love this track

Steve Lawler (UK)
Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.

Davide Monteverdi (Milano)
Le Cannibale Club
Nice pack

Harry Towers (Staten Island, United States)
Harry Towers / Harry Towers, KXRG / Super 98 / Sirius Satellite / Club Net / Strong Island Radio
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Love the bassline!

Rich Mair (Weston, United States)
djrichnitemare / , / WDMN-101
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Nice track, sounds cool

Derek Harri (Thunder Bay, Canada)
DJ DiRRty HaRRi / Sonic Music Prod, Tony & Adam’s / 2 Tone Music
Favorite Mix: STOG Remix
Great track !

Sovnger (Paris, France)
Go 4 Music, Police Records, Blood Music…
Hey! Glad to see that Eclectic is back 😉

Ray Noir (London, UK)
VDI Records
Great track! Love the STOG remix! Well produced! She is a producer to watch out for!

Maurizio Santi (Gonnosfanadiga, Italy)
Maurizio Santi /Dee Jay Santi / Promotionalrecord, Radio Mela / Modena Radio City / Radio Mela
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
I like this and will play it out in my shows.

Tonny Skarby (ELKHART, Denmark)
The-Fox / , CPH
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Great Music!

Kevin Oliver (Calgary, Canada)
Nitro / Boogie Hill Faders, Cowboys Nightclub / Various Club Gigs and Private Events
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
Added to heavy rotation on

Richard Lewis (Greenville, United States)
DJ Richard Lewis / , Philly Nites Radio
Favorite Mix: Original Mix
It’s okay, I will look to play it soon.

Mario Navarro (Fontana, United States)
Dj Navarro / Hit Incorporated, Josephs / Cosmo Hollywood / Avalon
Favorite Mix: Dub Edit
Love this one!

Stefano Vaglio (Paderno D’Adda, Italy)
Stefano Vaglio / , T Club
Favorite Mix: Original Mix



STOG is an established international EDM DJ and producer (1-2-hear management) who is releasing her debut remix of Elle & Blake’s “Prisma” on 29th August 2015. Her “Trap” remix is inspired by a futuristic march for a sinister ritual powered by the force of heavy kicks and synths. Slow and spacious in sound the remix leads you on a disrupted spiritual Trap journey….

East London based but originally from Italy STOG has set the music and fashion world alight with her DJ skills. Her performances include in-store sets for Nike, Dr Martens, Urban Outfitters, Eleven Paris, Underrated, Grazia and fashion week after-show parties for designer Karl Largerfeld. Stepping out from behind the decks STOG has also modeled for Vogue and Vice magazine but her heart has always been in the music. This proves that STOG has both substance and style …

STOG’s DJ’ing can accommodate any party with her EDM output ranging from Trap, Moombathon, Electro House, Future House, Bass and R&B. Her ever-popular monthly DJ residencies include the very successful “Dirty Diana” at Dalston Superstore alongside her own night “Church Of Dreams” both based in the cool clubland scene of East London. Not forgetting her Italian roots she regularly plays for international club night “Touch The Wood” in Italy, throughout Europe and in Tokyo. STOG’s credibility in the DJ world has seen her playing alongside TWRK! (Mad Decent), Sinjin Hawke (Pelican Fly) and Bimba Bose at super-clubs like Goa (voted top 25 club in Europe by The Guardian), Club Haus (Milan) Stardust (Madrid), EGG (London) and XOYO (London).